365 Days and counting (day 1)

I recently heard the lyrics, “she says I’m not romantic, I say she’s too dramatic”, it’s a pretty fabulous song and just like a number of other songs I’d like to highlight, it basically represents my one time relationship with Mr December. Well as usual not a relationship per se but two months where things were happening over a 365 day period.

Regardless I’d like to re-tell the short wonderful time I had with Mr December last year. And although things went sour, probably since I’m mess-orientated, I can’t help but wish they hadn’t and sort of ask for him back without really asking for him.

DAY 1: on soft cushions overlooking the city lights, catching up with friends, drinking strawberry daiquiri’s, having a goodd night… an older crush from high school joins the table (aka Mr December), the most ordinary thing but suddenly sparks and smiles enter on cue. [The most charming are those who don’t try to be].

It’s hard for me to admit defeat.
It’s even harder to say the words,
To admit the truth even to myself,
When I thought I knew it all and you surprised me.

This is so new,
Not fully realised.
But excitement and butterflies predominating

My thoughts
Of you, your eyes, your face.
Not wanting to analyse or consider
Since I will no doubt reach the stage where circumstance, my fear, anger and emotional flaws push u away.

But in this moment let me savour it.
Whisper sweet compliments in my ear, run your fingers softly along my arm,
Engulf and mellow me into conversation
Take me now, I don’t want to be waiting any longer. 

 Miss Mess


About iheartmess

A Middle Eastern Londoner 20-something living the 'western' life in between London and home.
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