… please come back (day 41 and 60)

DAY 1.
DAY 7.
DAY 14.
DAY 16.
DAY 21.
DAY 28. 

DAY 41: When falling for Mr December I had pretty much no control, after the first month everything was sporadic to say the least. [We probably miss what we don’t have, More simply because we no longer have it.] 

You consume my world
Because I want you to.
Be next to me
Because that’s where I’ve realised I want you to be.

Laugh with me: like the sound of heart-warming heat,

Let go of all that is stopping you: like free-falling during a car crash.

You consume my world
As every step I wish it was you
As every action leads and strays me Back To You.


DAY 60: Into the 2nd month and we continued with more of the same mesmerised surrendering. [The best part of falling.]


My heart swells,
With the unknown
With Your being.
Your understanding so complete,
Your words so wonderful,
I wish it would keep me wrapped against your beating chest forever. 

I want it all this time
Heart. Mind. Body.
If I’m asking too much,
Then I’m not asking of

But if You want to do it all
for me,
To save me?
I fall, dependent, complete, a lover in the dark


Miss Mess





About iheartmess

A Middle Eastern Londoner 20-something living the 'western' life in between London and home.
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