Northbound. Southbound.

People love you in different ways, or they never love you in any way.

She walked along London’s beautiful streets, white maisonnettes, grey pavements and sunny cafés. Nothing prepared her for the journeys she would take, the hearts she would cross and the memories deserted.

When paths collide and she experienced two sides of two strangers… potential lovers to friends and back to strangers. Such polar opposites in reaction and action, courage and sincerity…

Such a sad and unfortunate situation:
She cried because she was tired of being alone. She cried because she didn’t reciprocate his feelings.
She broke because he wouldn’t give her his all. She broke because he wanted to give her the world.

She eagerly awaited the attention:
Brief, fleeting, but meaningful. Continuous, unquestionable, unstoppable.

She wished she could speak the truth:
Attachment. Pressure.
Fear. All unwanted

She craved those wonderful shivers:
Strong. Not dependent on externalities.

But she couldn’t survive the unbearable aftermath:
Feeling nauseously unwanted on a daily basis. Remembering made her sick once the glitter and gold settled.

They had the ability to cause her heart to sting and shudder:
You make her feel like she says the wrong things; Like she pushes you away.
You make her feel like whatever she says, you’ll see the best of; Like you understand her completely.
You want to put a smile on her face; Making an effort without requirement.
You find it a hassle; Too much for your busy schedule.

She didn’t like it, can’t love you:
You make it a struggle; It shouldn’t be so hard; So little of you, so hurtful, and often.

She couldn’t  like it, doesn’t love you:
You make her wish she cared; It should be like this; So much of you, so compassionate but unfair.

What a bad reflection on your part.
What utter selflessness on your part.

Evaluate your characters, your friendships with each other, and when you glance at what’s left:
She will forget you.
And she will find someone like him.

Miss Mess



About iheartmess

A Middle Eastern Londoner 20-something living the 'western' life in between London and home.
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