Are we all masochists

You just did it to prove a point
A movie and enough time.
True you didn’t plan it,
Surely inevitable going by the tension.
You didn’t want to cause this, you didn’t want me to hurt you again.

I can imagine you humming in my hear,
And whispering sweet words to put me to sleep. I can imagine you asking me to stay cuz that’s not something girls do.

“I wanted to be with you in another city. Are we finally planning a trip?”
Then you should have come with me to paris or berlin.
“You never invited me.”
It’s a free world babe, you could have done it if you wanted to.

I don’t have a problem you knowing it’s about you,
that I spend my time writing and thinking about you- hell if people ask me I won’t stop bragging about ya.
It’s also okay if I love you more.
I may have thrown you into the fire a year ago
And this is probably my karma in return.

It doesn’t matter that I’m having a rough time, that I’m the one who has to refrain. That I have to stop mid sentence. Hide my tears, and bow to the walls you’re creating.

Unlike your moody behaviour, I’m okay with you watching me suffer.

Miss Mess



About iheartmess

A Middle Eastern Londoner 20-something living the 'western' life in between London and home.
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