Call me crazy

What does it mean?

Whenever I get annoyed at you, I start missing you within the hour and I forget all about your hurtful behavior, I tell myself to: ‘be cool’, and I know all the fun times we had together was what makes me happy. God I sound twelve.

You see unfortunately it’s not as easy as that for me. Anymore.

Maybe it’s a girl thing, how we are so sensitive and retrospective. And when we presuppose our confidence, barge in and make one unimportant demand, it all backfires. Like the day I tried to tell you that you hurt me; you wouldn’t have any of it. Cuz you are

And so during the week it’s easy for me to stop loving you. It’s easy-er to be okay with not seeing you. People have lives, and routine, and stuff, you know. But those five days building make me give you everything by the end of it. And I think you subconsciously know it, and why would you change it? Why would you stop doing other ‘stuff’.

My tears are flowing continuously now.

How is there so much to tell you when I’m talking to you in my head, but all these speeches seem immaterial when I’m sitting next to you, like on the swing the other day.

I know what I want, to the exact feel of your hand on my neck; I know now what makes me happy. Although I can’t bear to lose you, I can’t continue in the shadows of your blue moon passionate feelings.

Call me crazy one more time

Miss Mess



About iheartmess

A Middle Eastern Londoner 20-something living the 'western' life in between London and home.
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