You make anything into everything

As a bad habit, I’d send him something, with no walls, vulnerable. Give so much of myself with no expectation of return. It took the air out of my lungs, and he’d take it. Who thinks about these things with a plan.

But last night I no longer resisted swearing at you. You should have been less of an idiot instead.

Then, on valentine’s day I didn’t hear from him all day, until the evening when I received a message jokingly asking where his present is. The dumb shit that I was, was in the process of making him a silver platter to help f*** me over. His friend then posted a picture of that silver platter; it F***ed me over. Ah shit, I (don’t) apologise in advance for any future f*** yous.

Miss Mess



About iheartmess

A Middle Eastern Londoner 20-something living the 'western' life in between London and home.
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