I am glorious

There has not been one day that I haven’t thought of you.
Not one day.

It is odd to love someone so much that you don’t know what your life is going to be like without them. That you don’t even know what life can be like with anyone but them. You can’t imagine accepting and adoring some new persons’ flaws.

I am no longer in heartbreak transition,       no longer suffering from sleepless tears.

And despite your comfortable memory; I am brightly positive, my spirit is soaring and I’m dreaming big baby.

Miss Mess


About iheartmess

Dear Girls (and Boys!), Boys will hurt you, a lot of them. You'll feel like your heart is breaking at age 12, at 16, and then properly at 21 and then really at 26. When it breaks again before you are 30, that will be the real one, wait for it, every single one is everything, and nothing. It’s all great and terrible, it’s all worth it...
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