An oldie, but goodie

Here is your ending. You will walk there too.

It was like we both happened to be walking in the same direction, against the whispers of the wind, parallel to the rising ocean. It was a beautiful sunny day, we hadn’t planned to meet, or to trail side by side on that promenade. We were both headed that way, and soon we naturally fell into step. Our footsteps tapped at the same time, our stride equal. It felt odd at first, like one of us had to speed up without making it offensive, just to mitigate any mindless awkwardness. And the other felt a surprising urge to keep the pace, lest we lose that destined harmony. So eventually, we both relaxed and allowed what was happening, the path we were walking to take its course. Neither of us had any meaning by it, any plan for when we reached a crossroad, any thought beyond being in-tune.

Those walks didn’t last. I fell in love with something in him. He fell in love too, I never found out how deeply, but he loved me, that much I know.

Whenever I spoke about him to others, I truly believed people wouldn’t understand the relationship we had, and the feelings we shared. We didn’t have anything beyond the ordinary, or even extraordinary; but it felt like what we had was more special than what others had. Of course I knew millions of people around the world had been similarly in love, were in love; I understood that, but I still believed something more in us; like what we had between us was unique. Unexplainable. Exact.

Months later, after the rose colored tint faded, I realized everybody thinks that about their relationship. Especially the days after they lose it, in those periods they feel like they’re fighting for it. This inexplicable, deep, connection of their two hearts.

Miss Mess


About iheartmess

Dear Girls (and Boys!), Boys will hurt you, a lot of them. You'll feel like your heart is breaking at age 12, at 16, and then properly at 21 and then really at 26. When it breaks again before you are 30, that will be the real one, wait for it, every single one is everything, and nothing. It’s all great and terrible, it’s all worth it...
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