Never us against the world

Nothing could save us.

Telephone calls, good mornings texts, multiple sunshine emojis, look into his eyes, back to back late night runs.

We built too much distance between us. After so many nights away, so many conversations retained, Work trips, My trips. Both on planes and in my headspace. We were living real, serious, separate lives. We lost the fairytale hopes in our future. Slowly, distance by distance, we built walls between us, in front of our hearts, mine is taller than yours, real empty spaces. Like the ocean covered with plastic. Still and suffocated. We didn’t know how to help each other, how to take away the pressure, how to be there, how to breathe together. We forgot everything that used to come so naturally.

It felt stupid talking about it. It felt obvious and draining. Felt broken – like we deserved it.

Miss Mess



About iheartmess

A Middle Eastern Londoner 20-something living the 'western' life in between London and home.
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