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They say if it doesn’t last more than 4 months it was just a crush

What they say is true. I wrote the following post about a summer romance, let’s call him Mr. R. He was someone I really thought at the time I could not get over. Mr. R and I only lived an … Continue reading

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I was born the day you kissed me and I died inside the day you left me

“Did you really mean that? Am I hurting you that much?” He stared into space, ignoring her silly question. “Then why don’t you say something?” She was about to shake him out of his reverie, make him articulate the phrase … Continue reading

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How mine and your movie scene will play out

Whilst he sat back, comfortable and indifferent, he revealed, “You know, I liked you for longer”. In that room, just the two of them, his voice rang hazy in her ears; somehow he managed to phrase it and exaggerate the … Continue reading

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Run run runaway @BrunoMars

“Why do you always runaway? We have one great day and you do that thing where I have to back off”. “You mean I’m mean and moody and can’t open myself up?” “Yes! Why do you do it? You know … Continue reading

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colouring in your secrets with new shades of arrogance

Eyes depleted, blinking fast, breath held in. She was shocked by what she was just told. Turning her head away, closing her eyes, she willed the image out of her mind. Every pounding part of her shook its head and … Continue reading

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Smoke and Mirrors: the prototype of our fears

Our biggest fear is not that we will fail, our biggest fear is success itself; It’s less terrifying to stay in our constant, comfortable state of unhappiness, for if we achieve peace and serenity we have nothing more to whine … Continue reading

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we’ve walked side by side until the beach washed over us

“Did you call me?” – come on say you did, say you have 30 minutes to spend with me. “No, I don’t even have your number.” – if only he’d ask me to spend even half an hour with him … Continue reading

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