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At the point of no return

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Come at me bra

The difference between him and Mr B was that, B, as immature as he was, never tried to repeatedly fault me, and insist on his obvious attraction save my ‘crazy ways’. No one should be allowed to cause this much … Continue reading

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Muse: a force personified who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist

How am I supposed to know? Tell me how? I say it all the time. You forget to, or can’t bring yourself to? Or you don’t know how to? … but I’m tired now, I’m tired of being the only … Continue reading

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speak your mind because your days are numbered

“You’re stuck in my head?” Shouldn’t I be? Why do you have to make it sound like it’s a bad thing. I know it’s my fault, but I wish you hadn’t become this person I thought I knew. I told … Continue reading

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if letting go could just be a little easier

Hey you, I’ve been meaning to message ya for some time now but I didn’t want it to be an over-dramatic thing, maybe it will sound like it regardless. I’m kind of self-healing and writing wrongs, and trying to learn … Continue reading

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Your silence did have meaning after all

Eff you for putting me in that position.. To have to smile, talk, look at your new girlfriend, or wait, she’s not your girlfriend yet, of course she’d been waiting for my approval. And you sit, your arms slightly intertwined … Continue reading

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