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He met someone.

It burnt me. How could he have met someone and I hadn’t// How could he be with someone so soon after and I wasn’t. It burnt me, it really did. I thought and thought, and justified that he was a … Continue reading

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This anger has circled back and now smoked my heart

I needed someone to defy our society for me. I didn’t doubt how you felt or think I needed to change for you. It was never about you, yet always all about you. I sat across from you, eyes closed, … Continue reading

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You said it

He followed me on twitter.           So What? We’ve been on twitter for 3 years, he’s following me Now.           And still, so what? Ughh even his breathing annoys me. Miss Mess xoxo

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A good next step

I don’t care anymore, I don’t care in what order, who said what, I don’t care if you were thoughtful, responsive and the person trying the last 4 months. You f***** shit up good, and I hate you. Its been … Continue reading

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I set you free, if you were mine you’ll come back to me

You didn’t come back to me. And the memories are breaking my heart, Each tear rolls down with another thought of all the times you did nothing for me. “It’s not embarrassing, it just shows that you’re really into him”. … Continue reading

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Come at me bra

The difference between him and Mr B was that, B, as immature as he was, never tried to repeatedly fault me, and insist on his obvious attraction save my ‘crazy ways’. No one should be allowed to cause this much … Continue reading

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CAN’T do it alone

I’m having one of those weeks where everything is going wrong. Ahhhhhh. Did I say Ahhhhhhh. I’m sure everyone’s experienced it. But it’s worse when you think, if I only had a boyfriend/ husband/ partner/ someone stable, who could have … Continue reading

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