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Cuz I got time while he got freedom

That last night, you held me, so tight as if you knew. I left with your marks, and couldn’t stop being reminded of you at every mirror. Your lifestyle made you silent, and your obscurity made you stay that way. I’m no … Continue reading

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making molehills out of mountains

I did naively believe my honesty and maturity would be my solution The best of. Enough childish, silent, brooding melodrama. But I truly forgot who I was dealing with, The worst of. I just ended up creating another problem. I … Continue reading

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They say if it doesn’t last more than 4 months it was just a crush

What they say is true. I wrote the following post about a summer romance, let’s call him Mr. R. He was someone I really thought at the time I could not get over. Mr. R and I only lived an … Continue reading

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Run run runaway @BrunoMars

“Why do you always runaway? We have one great day and you do that thing where I have to back off”. “You mean I’m mean and moody and can’t open myself up?” “Yes! Why do you do it? You know … Continue reading

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Trust became an old game I began to get worse at

I don’t know if this works like instant messaging, but please reply now.. please read what I write and send me thoughts to distract my brash, overlapping, vehement disrepair. I really can’t sleep. I have all my fears and failures … Continue reading

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