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Middle Eastern taboo

It was crystal Clear; Like the Boston bay out my window. Blue, serene and never ending. You made your mind up about me Stereotypes and preconceived notions. Funny how I judged you so positively. Who knew you’d switch once you heard the … Continue reading

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My battles, your War

With the onset of a new year, a new start, even if unwanted, him and I fell apart. He played my childish games of boyfriends past. I let him. He soared through my infatuation with ease and ego. I watched … Continue reading

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I’ve tried to take my time because if these things are real it doesn’t matter if it happens today, next week or in a month. I didn’t think this way before, I thought the moment is all that counts, and … Continue reading

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speak your mind because your days are numbered

“You’re stuck in my head?” Shouldn’t I be? Why do you have to make it sound like it’s a bad thing. I know it’s my fault, but I wish you hadn’t become this person I thought I knew. I told … Continue reading

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if letting go could just be a little easier

Hey you, I’ve been meaning to message ya for some time now but I didn’t want it to be an over-dramatic thing, maybe it will sound like it regardless. I’m kind of self-healing and writing wrongs, and trying to learn … Continue reading

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Trust became an old game I began to get worse at

I don’t know if this works like instant messaging, but please reply now.. please read what I write and send me thoughts to distract my brash, overlapping, vehement disrepair. I really can’t sleep. I have all my fears and failures … Continue reading

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Bent just far enough to break

I have a lot of bad moments that flash around me just when my car crashes, swerving uncontrollable, almost self harming, into your icy wall. Shattered mEmOrIeS, failing dReAmS.. Negative ideals taking space in my head enough that I don’t feel … Continue reading

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