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Yes, I’ve passed my mid 20s

“I am older and wiser.” She said, flipping her hair as if the statement required any more theatrics. “Ah please do tell. You didn’t slip and fall into his bed for a change?” I rolled my eyes, knowing her sprout … Continue reading

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Time is the baba of all truth

You call it stalking, I call it coincidence! What’s in a name; your lies keep surfacing in technicolour for me to read them. Miss Mess xoxo

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Oh its nearly valentine’s again?

Maybe a present and flowers would be useless, love is more about expressing the truth don’t you think? Miss Mess xoxo

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Call me crazy

What does it mean? Whenever I get annoyed at you, I start missing you within the hour and I forget all about your hurtful behavior, I tell myself to: ‘be cool’, and I know all the fun times we had … Continue reading

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I’ll never tell…

And it happened. They were both under the influence. He adored her. She enjoyed it. A guy friend once told me he appreciates it when a girl tells him to keep what happened between them; just between the two of … Continue reading

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I asked for what I wanted, from whom I wanted. BUT … wait for itt … before I could strut in my heels towards your sex of a body, I cowered in the corner and failed to seize what was … Continue reading

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only Faultless can tell Flawless that she’s imperfect

“Insecurity is such a turn off for me.” I was itching to cry “your face is a turn off”, I breathed in instead; I shook my head and stayed silent; chuckled soundlessly because you are a moron. I may be … Continue reading

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I was born the day you kissed me and I died inside the day you left me

“Did you really mean that? Am I hurting you that much?” He stared into space, ignoring her silly question. “Then why don’t you say something?” She was about to shake him out of his reverie, make him articulate the phrase … Continue reading

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our New Age BBM relationships

Hours passed, our words were left unread Maybe out of planned ignorance, Maybe out of the comfort of the pattern we fell into. I don’t want to not talk to you (If talking is the correct word.) But obviously I … Continue reading

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Your silence did have meaning after all

Eff you for putting me in that position.. To have to smile, talk, look at your new girlfriend, or wait, she’s not your girlfriend yet, of course she’d been waiting for my approval. And you sit, your arms slightly intertwined … Continue reading

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When our actions request that you be near us

No. I’m not here for you to backtrack your moves, re-step your errors, and on sad nights decide to come to me. I’m not here for that. Tomorrow when you choose, whatever suits you best, whomever will get your time, … Continue reading

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A heels kind of girl

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… night by night (day 7)

DAY 1. DAY 7: Lots of good conversation, a bit of a hit and miss rendezvous at Miss BFF’s house, but clean slates all round. [A lesson in not rushing the first move.] Miss Mess xoxo

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like flames to a moth

The thing is I am over Mr B… I mean it has been 2 years, the whole non-relationship relationship didn’t even last that long. It led me on a path of self-destructive self-discovery of course, painful and heart wrenching; but it … Continue reading

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playing the games right

Mind games, head f#@^s, Call it what you will, I have been dished out some of the best, hOt AnD CoLd lines.. I adore you.. I need my distance.. you’re amazing.. I can’t give myself 100%.. want to hear your voice … Continue reading

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Fall for your type

For someone who hates change and instability, I do a great job of getting into situations that are all but certain. Firstly my professional career is currently on hold; I would give anything for a boring, make my way to the … Continue reading

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No perfect world

Miss Mess: “Sorry. Our world is horrendous and I can’t change the way the world is with me.” Mr helikesmebutidontlikehim: “The world is not meant to be changed. And the world is a guy, I assume.” Miss Mess: “No, it’s … Continue reading

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35 the new LittleBlack dress

So I’ve started seeing someone, 11 years my senior, 8 years older than the last guy I dated, and 8 years more than I would have considered myself. But enough years to free me from the immature, irresponsible, selfish behaviour … Continue reading

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