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Did you develop a bad habit because of a past negative experience?

2 years post London; 6 years pre San Francisco: whenever i get annoyed at you, i start missing you within the hour and i forget all about your hurful behavior. i tell myself to ‘be cool’, to not say anything … Continue reading

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Love is…

Love is not your perpetual anger following a two minute show of vulnerability. Love is not pretending you are okay with the Friday night arrangement. Love is not fearing your texts will go unanswered. Love is not about who cares … Continue reading

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Cuz I got time while he got freedom

That last night, you held me, so tight as if you knew. I left with your marks, and couldn’t stop being reminded of you at every mirror. Your lifestyle made you silent, and your obscurity made you stay that way. I’m no … Continue reading

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He loves me, he loves me, he loves me not …

This time I had a plan. I wasn’t going to get lost in the movie scene he funded, or swoon and stay frozen in that long awaiting embrace. I couldn’t forget my broken tears because his arms were so strong … Continue reading

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How mine and your movie scene will play out

Whilst he sat back, comfortable and indifferent, he revealed, “You know, I liked you for longer”. In that room, just the two of them, his voice rang hazy in her ears; somehow he managed to phrase it and exaggerate the … Continue reading

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Run run runaway @BrunoMars

“Why do you always runaway? We have one great day and you do that thing where I have to back off”. “You mean I’m mean and moody and can’t open myself up?” “Yes! Why do you do it? You know … Continue reading

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colouring in your secrets with new shades of arrogance

Eyes depleted, blinking fast, breath held in. She was shocked by what she was just told. Turning her head away, closing her eyes, she willed the image out of her mind. Every pounding part of her shook its head and … Continue reading

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speak your mind because your days are numbered

“You’re stuck in my head?” Shouldn’t I be? Why do you have to make it sound like it’s a bad thing. I know it’s my fault, but I wish you hadn’t become this person I thought I knew. I told … Continue reading

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if letting go could just be a little easier

Hey you, I’ve been meaning to message ya for some time now but I didn’t want it to be an over-dramatic thing, maybe it will sound like it regardless. I’m kind of self-healing and writing wrongs, and trying to learn … Continue reading

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In the words of Ms. Minaj: Save Me

You used to say it’s between me and her- when friends asked and thought about getting involved. As if we had it all under control, and your one french email to explain yourself was overly generous in keeping me in … Continue reading

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Trust became an old game I began to get worse at

I don’t know if this works like instant messaging, but please reply now.. please read what I write and send me thoughts to distract my brash, overlapping, vehement disrepair. I really can’t sleep. I have all my fears and failures … Continue reading

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fate doesn’t give a Sh** anymore

“you never message me when your in town” “I’m waiting for you to make the effort”. “but it cant always be me, it cant be one sided” “Then I can’t make you chase me”. “so its just about the chase? … Continue reading

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