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The company you are with

“She’s a whore”- and you said it so nonchalantly. That was about your best friend’s best friend, the ‘love of his life’. Six months after you made that statement I gathered the guts to talk to you about it… “What am … Continue reading

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Trust became an old game I began to get worse at

I don’t know if this works like instant messaging, but please reply now.. please read what I write and send me thoughts to distract my brash, overlapping, vehement disrepair. I really can’t sleep. I have all my fears and failures … Continue reading

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Bent just far enough to break

I have a lot of bad moments that flash around me just when my car crashes, swerving uncontrollable, almost self harming, into your icy wall. Shattered mEmOrIeS, failing dReAmS.. Negative ideals taking space in my head enough that I don’t feel … Continue reading

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Cheers to your secrets and red Bull

My clenched jaw in step with my fuming rage won’t allow me to rationalise my words. Did you ever believe in history? Ours, what we made of our friendship. Do you understand the idea of loving someone for the good … Continue reading

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happy with the way it is

“Dammit! Take one night, one day, just five minutes, to speak the truth to me. What’s the worst that can happen?” “I’ll lose you all over again”. “Isn’t it better than not having me now??” “No”. No, it is not. … Continue reading

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selfish behaviour breads a world of heartbreaks

It’s borderline impossible to see you back on my better side. Horrible, horrible moments overshadowing the smile you put on my face, Feeling sick from hearing from you Feeling sick from the incessant arguments. Do you even remember the night I asked you … Continue reading

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The analysis of the Mess consuming our lifestyles

Maybe its our age, that quarter life crisis. This abundance of ambition but lack of unwavering direction Mere ability to see the future but not grasp those dreams into reality The glamorous lives of where we would love to be. … Continue reading

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