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Middle Eastern taboo

It was crystal Clear; Like the Boston bay out my window. Blue, serene and never ending. You made your mind up about me Stereotypes and preconceived notions. Funny how I judged you so positively. Who knew you’d switch once you heard the … Continue reading

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Like the legend of the pheonix / All ends with beginnings

Hamad was somewhat typical in his behaviours. Not so surprisingly, he had trouble expressing himself eloquently, and as per usual he preferred humour and over the dinner table conversations. But if she had heard him right, what he said this … Continue reading

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Who do I think I am?

I sat across from her, on the plain blue hospital chairs. My black hair, long and recently blow-dried, fell casually on my tanned arms. Scrolling through pictures of Cannes, I looked up and glanced at her black brandless bag. All … Continue reading

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Call me crazy

What does it mean? Whenever I get annoyed at you, I start missing you within the hour and I forget all about your hurtful behavior, I tell myself to: ‘be cool’, and I know all the fun times we had … Continue reading

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I’ll never tell…

And it happened. They were both under the influence. He adored her. She enjoyed it. A guy friend once told me he appreciates it when a girl tells him to keep what happened between them; just between the two of … Continue reading

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only Faultless can tell Flawless that she’s imperfect

“Insecurity is such a turn off for me.” I was itching to cry “your face is a turn off”, I breathed in instead; I shook my head and stayed silent; chuckled soundlessly because you are a moron. I may be … Continue reading

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tears on the steps

To Mr B: I remember so clearly the exact moment I should have walked away. Of all the events, emotions, words that have long left my memory, this one feels like it was yesterday. Possibly because of the pain I … Continue reading

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