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Paris is always a good idea

Under the twinkling star In the shining sun When heartwarming and mellow When the time comes … Hold me forever. Beyond any expectations Without past precedent Propel over the stereotypes If you want to; … Look into my eyes. An … Continue reading

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The worst thing I’ve done

I think what happened in those 2 days we were in Paris became a perpetual twitch in the back of my mind. I started to believe everything you did to me since was my karma. In the foreground of my … Continue reading

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He loves me, he loves me, he loves me not …

This time I had a plan. I wasn’t going to get lost in the movie scene he funded, or swoon and stay frozen in that long awaiting embrace. I couldn’t forget my broken tears because his arms were so strong … Continue reading

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To Love: outside my element

I, Miss Mess, love and adore you, Philippe. You are my world, my heart when it beats, my warm sun rays, without you I am hopelessly dazed. If only I were a great poet, my words could describe your beauty, your intelligence, your wit, and its effect on me. But all … Continue reading

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Time to stop wanting, Time to start being

It’s the moments of clarity following the most convoluted feelings of confusion that allows us to re-evaluate ourselves and our actions and decide whether we are happy with who we are, or we have yet to become the person we … Continue reading

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Who are you to me?

How dare you become all questioning, demanding and needy the minutes before I leave. Really you had me, not just in your arms, but my full attention and effort for more than a month; but you passed it unnoticed, and … Continue reading

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