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Calm, cool, collected .. for a change

Miss Mess xoxo

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if letting go could just be a little easier

Hey you, I’ve been meaning to message ya for some time now but I didn’t want it to be an over-dramatic thing, maybe it will sound like it regardless. I’m kind of self-healing and writing wrongs, and trying to learn … Continue reading

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Eternally teenage

It smelt like you. I took something from you, no let me rephrase, you gave me more than I even remember asking. Standing in the middle of my room, I had the clearest sweetest hectically relaying flashback Sitting down, thinking … Continue reading

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That’s how I feel about life right now

My friend brought this to my attention, demonstarting her feelings aboout New Year’s eve: I. Love. It. Happy New Year everyone! Miss Mess  xoxo

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Time to stop wanting, Time to start being

It’s the moments of clarity following the most convoluted feelings of confusion that allows us to re-evaluate ourselves and our actions and decide whether we are happy with who we are, or we have yet to become the person we … Continue reading

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Who are you to me?

How dare you become all questioning, demanding and needy the minutes before I leave. Really you had me, not just in your arms, but my full attention and effort for more than a month; but you passed it unnoticed, and … Continue reading

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