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As if my heart couldn’t break

Throughout our relationship, although I had my selfish moments, I stopped acting on what it was that I truthfully wanted. Who I wanted to be with. Where I wanted to go. What I wanted to do. I was constantly worried … Continue reading

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Wish I could make you whole.

He’s the one who made me feel so comfortable. Made me feel like he’ll always be there. Made me feel confident enough to say anything, at any time. Made me feel whole. But, he never felt whole. He always felt I’d … Continue reading

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“I’ll do whatever you want baby”

Now, I’m pushing and pushing him away. Unplanned he was leaving Palo Alto and I was driving that way. Unplanned he kept comforting me and I kept pushing him away. I know, one day, this will come back and break my … Continue reading

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In the words of Ms. Minaj: Save Me

You used to say it’s between me and her- when friends asked and thought about getting involved. As if we had it all under control, and your one french email to explain yourself was overly generous in keeping me in … Continue reading

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