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“I’ll do whatever you want baby”

Now, I’m pushing and pushing him away. Unplanned he was leaving Palo Alto and I was driving that way. Unplanned he kept comforting me and I kept pushing him away. I know, one day, this will come back and break my … Continue reading

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Who do I think I am?

I sat across from her, on the plain blue hospital chairs. My black hair, long and recently blow-dried, fell casually on my tanned arms. Scrolling through pictures of Cannes, I looked up and glanced at her black brandless bag. All … Continue reading

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Confucius – “What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others”

I took it to heart when you made a comment about my mean remarks; I pretended they were only jokes, and wished you would ignore the content, but intuitively see where they were coming from. And I was, I was … Continue reading

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