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Break ups in cars with questions

This week has been difficult. And I know you would love to hear me tell you that. That I miss you. That I’ve needed to message you. That this shit is hard without you. Why do we need a reminder … Continue reading

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Here’s looking at you kid

I have a way of making one feel like they are the centre of my world. The soft sheets are best with them; the short stories are written about them; the weekend is spread open for them … Do you honestly believe I have nothing … Continue reading

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To Love: outside my element

I, Miss Mess, love and adore you, Philippe. You are my world, my heart when it beats, my warm sun rays, without you I am hopelessly dazed. If only I were a great poet, my words could describe your beauty, your intelligence, your wit, and its effect on me. But all … Continue reading

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