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Love with unspoken candour

It surprised me that, despite my calm, my acceptance, and my realistic distance I really wished you would pause, look, and silence me; then tell me, with raised eyebrows, that you missed me with all of your heart. Just as … Continue reading

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BAM, out of the blue, regret shamed me silent

Overnight my heart stopped beating. Shivering, paralysed, I could feel it tense and quiet, sitting in my throat. The drink wasn’t helping. It was permanent. That feeling, it wouldn’t pass, as if I was high for the first time, I … Continue reading

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I’ll never tell…

And it happened. They were both under the influence. He adored her. She enjoyed it. A guy friend once told me he appreciates it when a girl tells him to keep what happened between them; just between the two of … Continue reading

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sweet boy, for this one time I’ll break your heart

I’m slowly becoming accustomed to the performance of our routine. Like a creature of habit, I prefer these scenes, being less dependent on you, being less inclined to your needs. I would love it if it would continue like this; … Continue reading

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colouring in your secrets with new shades of arrogance

Eyes depleted, blinking fast, breath held in. She was shocked by what she was just told. Turning her head away, closing her eyes, she willed the image out of her mind. Every pounding part of her shook its head and … Continue reading

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speak your mind because your days are numbered

“You’re stuck in my head?” Shouldn’t I be? Why do you have to make it sound like it’s a bad thing. I know it’s my fault, but I wish you hadn’t become this person I thought I knew. I told … Continue reading

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