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A good next step

I don’t care anymore, I don’t care in what order, who said what, I don’t care if you were thoughtful, responsive and the person trying the last 4 months. You f***** shit up good, and I hate you. Its been … Continue reading

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You make anything into everything

As a bad habit, I’d send him something, with no walls, vulnerable. Give so much of myself with no expectation of return. It took the air out of my lungs, and he’d take it. Who thinks about these things with … Continue reading

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I just wanna tell you to eat shit and then run away

Everything you say, post, do, gets on my last fucking nerve; I contemplate between commenting something desperately hilarious, crying to you that I still love you, or just ignoring your sleezebag society. Ah if only this smouldering lonely phase would … Continue reading

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the summer that was worth 100k

I miss that boy in New York: he was so honest with me, so naturally genuine and humbly giving. After Miami I couldn’t bring myself to ask you questions the girls, the girlfriends, the past that no one asks you … Continue reading

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