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Ambition Baby

I like him, on paper, his profile, everything people said about him. Especially because he has that face that will grow old so handsome. But of course we were missing something. We began to lack something. I think what it … Continue reading

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Time to carpe some diem

He offered her the world, she said she had her own I’ve been asking myself recently if it’s in my nature to back away and ignore people whom I know will and want to do it all for me. Why do I … Continue reading

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Muse: a force personified who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist

How am I supposed to know? Tell me how? I say it all the time. You forget to, or can’t bring yourself to? Or you don’t know how to? … but I’m tired now, I’m tired of being the only … Continue reading

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In this life I can only hang on for so long

“I can take care of you” “You can’t take care of me for shit!” Turning around, hands in the air melo-dramatic, she paused and looked down on the floor, confused and concentrating. “Okay that’s unfair; I wouldn’t know how to … Continue reading

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I’m not gonna fall for him, I’m just wasting time till I die

If I could tell you everything and explain my apparent lack of feelings in the week before and after your final departure I’d lay it down here; My indifference is really a healing process, the only way I know how. Although … Continue reading

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Northbound. Southbound.

People love you in different ways, or they never love you in any way. She walked along London’s beautiful streets, white maisonnettes, grey pavements and sunny cafés. Nothing prepared her for the journeys she would take, the hearts she would cross … Continue reading

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The analysis of the Mess consuming our lifestyles

Maybe its our age, that quarter life crisis. This abundance of ambition but lack of unwavering direction Mere ability to see the future but not grasp those dreams into reality The glamorous lives of where we would love to be. … Continue reading

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flirting at parallel spots

Despite the fun in the games we play, continuous and abrupt I love honesty more. More than standard silence and misconceptions I’ve learnt to ask for it first now. And I’ve been hurt way way too many times to be oblivious … Continue reading

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Fall for your type

For someone who hates change and instability, I do a great job of getting into situations that are all but certain. Firstly my professional career is currently on hold; I would give anything for a boring, make my way to the … Continue reading

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stop loving me Everytime

Generally speaking I find it very hard to move on; and if you stop loving me I won’t ever forget it. But this seems to happen often, and I still haven’t figured out why. But until I do I’ll over … Continue reading

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tears on the steps

To Mr B: I remember so clearly the exact moment I should have walked away. Of all the events, emotions, words that have long left my memory, this one feels like it was yesterday. Possibly because of the pain I … Continue reading

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Mr B.

There are some people that are just shit. More recently, a lot of people have demonstrated their ability to reach such merde. Even some sad sad friends, but we’ll get into that in a different tag. Now, I’m talking about the … Continue reading

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‘What’s your biggest fear? Mine: that I won’t find the person who loves me and understands me as I am, completely.’ Ofcourse I wouldn’t allow my arrogant mind to see it, but he was standing right there in front of … Continue reading

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